Fr. Agnel Higher Secondary School, Pilar, Goa +918322218589 +919423747736 Mon-Sat 8:00-13:00

1. The School visualizes the formation of the youth, based on sound all     round development with firm convictions in moral, human and social values. 

2. Our School Motto is “Always Higher”

3. As an academic institution, our goal is to build up, well-equipped, skillful , honest, hardworking and disciplined citizens who will be able to think, analyse, act independently and be self- confident


4. The school strives to make the educational content relevant to life so that attitudes, skills  and the values preached and lived by Jesus our  Lord who is a model for us and these values are inculcated in the students  to make them better equipped to make the right choice in careers and to face life.